Terms and Conditions

Booking Terms

  • All appointments (that carry a fee) to be paid in full upon booking.
  • Appointments can be rescheduled with a minimum of 24 hours notice via the booking system. (In the event of errors when making a booking, please use the re-scheduling facility rather than cancelling and re-booking).
  • Refunds will incur a £5 administration charge.
  • Customers will be refunded the difference when one day is refunded of a multi-day booking.
  • For queries – contact: wokinghockeycamps@gmail.com


Use a mouth guard and shin pads while on pitch.

WHC Covid Officer: Tracy Wright whc.welfare@gmail.com

  • Make sure you have signed the ​EH Participation Agreement​ before attending training, matches or taking part in any hockey activity ​from 10 August 2020
  • Self assess for Covid-19 symptoms​ before attending the club or taking part in any activity at the club or remote pitch facilities. Evidence of this must be recorded at every facility – scan
    the unique QR code at the facility ​every time​ you attend the club.
  • DO NOT attend if you or anyone in your household is experiencing symptoms or is isolating.
  • Register your attendance every time you attend the club or remote facilities ​- scan the unique QR code at the facility.
  • Report any Covid-19 symptoms ​(for yourself and other household members) immediately to the WHC Covid Officer and your coach (if these occur within 14 days after attendance).
  • Hygiene: wash hands, use hand sanitizer before and after sessions, disinfect your own equipment before and after sessions. Coaches must disinfect balls, cones, goal posts etc after every session.
  • No sharing equipment
  • Use your own stick, bibs, face masks (for Penalty Corners), goalie equipment.
  • Only touch balls with your stick
  • Training and competition​ – ​max 30 individuals per discrete group​ including coaches while on the pitch; coaches can move between groups; multiple groups can run according to capacity of pitch but ensure no cross-overs.
  • Off pitch – maintain discrete groups of 6. Applicable to spectators, players and any other facility users.
  • Before and after play – maintain social distance at all times. Arrive in kit, ready to warm up. Reduce meet times; avoid holding team briefings indoors where possible. Changing rooms and showers are CLOSED
  • During play – keep contact time to a minimum. No high fives; congratulatory hugs etc. Social distance in dug outs and sidelines. No shouting or spitting


  • Each pitch will be divided into play zones, which will be marked with nets or tape. Players should not cross into adjacent play zones.
  • A 2 metre distance between coach and player should be maintained at all times.
  • Gates to the pitches must remain open at all times. Please avoid touching gates and adjacent pitch side fences.

If this guidance is not adhered to, the coaches have the authority to ask you to leave the premises for the safety of others and themselves.



  • Please follow the Government guidelines on travel when making journeys to and from the club.
  • Avoid congregating in groups of more than 6 from different households at the club entrance, pitch side or in the grass area in front of the Club House and maintain your 2 metre distance at all times.
  • Only travel to the club if you have a confirmed session booked and arrive at the time of your booking, not before.
  • It is recommended that only one parent / guardian should remain at the side of their child’s pitch (outside the fence) when spectating and should follow the 2 metre social distancing rules.
  • Only players and coaches will be allowed on the pitch


  • Please do not come to the Club if you have a raised temperature, are experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms, are self-isolating or living with individuals that are self-isolating. If you exhibit any signs or symptoms in the days following your session, please ensure you inform us in case we need to do any contact tracing.
  • People considered to be in vulnerable categories (e.g. owing to age, underlying health
    conditions or pregnant women) are discouraged from attending.
  • Follow guidelines on hand hygiene carefully. Hand sanitising gel will be available in the
    BBQ area but we strongly encourage you to bring your own.
  • Bring your own water bottle, we will not be able to refill water bottles and the water fountain will be out of use.
  • Equipment must not be shared between players and coaches. Equipment will not be lent by the club (with the exception of balls/cones for coaching sessions; please see below).
  • Hockey balls will be provided by the club for coaching sessions only and should only be
    handled by the coach. Balls will be regularly disinfected between sessions.
  • Labelled hockey balls should be brought with one participant for private play zone bookings.
  • Please refrain from touching hockey balls or any other equipment (such as cones). Only coaches should handle these and will ensure that these are disinfected regularly.
  • Please bring the minimum amount of equipment / kit with you and arrive ready to play. Take all your belongings away at the end of your session.
  • Any clothing or equipment left on the premises will be removed safely and put into the rubbish bins.